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Kardel Global Equine, the transparent horse sourcing partner


Our team selects the horses, performing the same rigorous vetting process that we do for our clients purchasing horses. The select few that pass, join us in our stables in Sibculo, Netherlands. Once there, our team trains and shows your horse to prepare it for the American market. We present your horse to clients and represent you in the sale. It is only then that we earn our commission, seeing through the sale and delivery to your horse's new owner.



€1,000 per month to cover:

  • Board & Training

  • Shoeing

  • Shows

  • Vaccinations

  • Basic supplies


  • Joint treatment

  • Rugs

  • Specialty equipment (includes specialty tack)

  • Supplementation

  • Veterinary emergencies


Kardel and its investors sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Animals must be insured prior to arrival on Kardel premises. As no commissions are charged upon purchase of the animal, the minimum mortality insurance rate is the projected commission upon sale, this must be made payable to Kardel Global Investments.

With the business of finding top hunters in Europe moving faster than ever, 

we are now offering some select customers the opportunity to participate in the market.

No Commissions charged upon purchase 

Kardel Global Investments charges no commissions upon the purchase of your horse. This is to ensure a healthy profit for our investors.


Upon the sale of the horse we charge a flat €10,000 commission for the first €100,000 or part thereof, and an additional €5,000 for each additional

€100,000 or part thereof.


Kardel Global Investments allows you to buy promising hunters at dealer cost and produce them into the winners of tomorrow. We train and care for your horse until it is ready for the sale arena. We then market and present him to our vast client base. We sell them right from Europe, saving you - the owners - the cost of import and American show and training costs. Learn more.

Finding quality hunters for the US Market is very difficult - often the cream of the crop is sold when they’re too young and green for the US Junior or Amateur. Working with Kardel Global Investments allows you to purchase your dream horse and provide it with appropriate training in our stable for a low flat rate. For the same low cost structure outlined above, your horse will be schooled by experienced, professional riders, brought to shows, and made completely ready to be your ideal partner. Contact us to learn more.


Owners in the Green Program pay Kardel Global Investments a 10% commission upon the purchase of the horse.


Kardel and its investors sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement and animals must be insured prior to arrival on Kardel premises. 


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